Incredible miniature cork chairs


Well, well! What do we have hear? Furniture made from cork?! I never thought cork could be put to uses other than stopping wine bottles and making the insides of golf balls! Apparently there is a whole design competition based on the Oak tree product, the annual DWR Uncorked competition, promoted by furniture retailer Design Within Reach saw these fabulous entries making it to the top 50. The criterion for the designers was to create original tiny chairs measuring no more than four inches in length or breadth, using foil, label, cage and cork from within two champagne bottles’ worth of the material. The winners of the fifth edition will be selected by an expert jury who will judge the designs on craftsmanship, creativity, character and innovation in terms of material usage. Winner will be announced during the first week of February and the 50 finalists will be given a chance to feature their entries in a traveling exhibition at DWR studios across the US.


Source: Icon Eye

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