An incandescent glove to light up your world in style

Well, if you thought that only a king could go well with the suit that is lighted up with bright, shining and flickering series of lights that blinked on and off to dazzle the audience, then you are pretty much right. Do not try anything of that’s sorts since most of us are just not cool enough to pull it off and this isn’t the 70’s anymore. But what you can easily pull off is the H9 Portable Lighting unit by Luisa Baldassari, which is pretty much a glove that light up when you need to dazzle the world. The fabric of the H9 is such that it offers bright luminescent light controlled by switches at the base of the glove.

H9 Portable lighting tool

You can either use the H9 as a cover on your ordinary gloves or can use it as a stand-alone piece with settings such as one-way LED light and diffused lighting that light up a wider area. The H9 is easy to use and convenient as it becomes a natural extension of your hand and hence you need not worry about holding a light source while you are working in the dark. Bikes and even joggers can wear it to ensure that vehicles can clearly see that someone is on the road during the murky mornings.

Of course, you can also wear the H9 Portable Lighting unit to the party and dazzle the world a bit, but you better be good enough to pull off bright LED-equipped gloves. The material is flexible, washable and you can actually use a photovoltaic panel (solar panels) to get it charged up. This way you can get power even when you are out camping or stuck in the woods. Style, usability and ergonomics, the H9 scores well no matter which way you look at it. Now can we see a prototype please!

[Cheers Luisa]

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