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IMMERSION offers amazing warmth against the chill

Winter in some countries is brutal; the chill runs to your bones and freezes the blood in your veins. Many people suffer from cold-related ailments due to the harsh winds and drop in temperature. Sometimes even placing your hand next to the heater is not sufficient to dispel the joint pain or stiffness from your fingers.


A hot therapy session is more welcomed by patients suffering from diseases like arthritis where inflammation and deep pain brings great misery. Patients with such problems are always on the lookout for good products to ease their discomfort, for hot water bags and small heaters do not provide uniform heating. Heat emitting pipes cannot be controlled well and possibly can burn anyone near.

IMMERSION is a high tech product designed to be a comfortable heating source. To charge it, place it in an open environment to receive energy through the rear-end photovoltaic solar panels. Alternatively, it is fitted with traditional battery charging slots. The area of contact is made using a brand new material, silicone rubber found in carbon nanotubes. It has just the right amount of thickness and good recovery flexibility. Minimum liquidity also helps it in maintaining its shape. A main board shell holds the rubber in place.


The IMMERSION device has an electronic controller to adjust the temperature and heating. You can enjoy the temperature from any degree in the ranges of 19 ℃ to 1000 ℃. Position your hands or feet in the heat transfer medium in a relaxed manner to receive the uniform and stable heat. Outer body of the device is constructed of polycrystalline silicone, a material often used in solar panels. You can open the case by pressing the luminous button. The design of the device is very sleek and futuristic. Its silver curvilinear body gives one the impression of modernity, certainly unique from many of the other heater designs that we have seen.

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