Illumio illustrates human relationships

illumino main

Designer: Mac Funamizu.

Showcased at the “LED – Emotionalize your light – Idea Contest,” the ILLUMIO is an abstract model of how a human feels in his or her human relationships and the environment. The design contest asked designers to share their ideas and designs for emotional LED light solutions. The ILLUMIO (meaning illumination + emotion) features a base with 16 holes and 4 light bulbs. The main body of the base is crafted from frosted glass, which reflects ambient light around a light bulb. The curved shape represents the earth and the shape of the light bulb relates to a human being. Following Robert Plutchik’s psycho-evolutionary theory of emotion, the ILLUMIO reflects a person’s emotions through colors and the intensity of lights. The arrangement of the bulbs means human relationships that cause the emotions.


Via: PetitInvention

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