ikoncept’s idesk: Fun, functional and fantastic iMac workstation

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Joining the league of the ever expanding Apple-inspired lifestyle accessories is this gorgeously slim idesk from ikoncept. Crafted in aluminum, the idesk is the perfect example of the minimalist modern design that aims at reducing clutter in the workplace and offering an illusion of space. The desk can be mounted directly onto the wall where power sockets for your workstation essentials can also be located to clear the room of unruly wires and cables. The desk comes with glass or aluminum front drawers finished in black white or metallic to match the finish of the entire desk. The idesk is ideally matched with the 485 € LEM bar chair from Lapalma that compliments the overall ambience of the color scheme. Retailing in the range of 580-780 euros, the idesk combined with the sleek bar chair, creates a very fresh and superbly modern workstation.

Source: PG Ground

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