IKKAR hybrid yacht bridges the gap between man and sea

ikkar hybrid yacht 03

While ships are getting bigger and bigger to create a world of their own, designer Julien Anglade, a design student at Strate College, has come up with a cruise ship concept called “IKKAR” that featuring a simple yet innovative design seems to bridge the gap between man and the sea. Accommodating 50 passengers in extreme comfort and luxury, together with 60 crew members to assist them, the hybrid yacht is capable of changing its shape according to the location as well as comfort of the passengers. When the vessel is at low speed, it drops the sides of the hull flat into the water, allowing the passengers to float with the waves. Facing the sea, all the suites include a personal rotating terrace, while a “closed” dock ensures privacy of the passengers.

Measuring 150 meters in length, the IKKAR includes a streamlined hull which uses less energy. The main sail of the yacht is finished in rigid photovoltaic cells that other than harnessing the solar energy also sails the boat in positive wind conditions. The translucent railings break all the barriers and let the sailors become one with the sea and the nature.

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Via: Strate College/Trendsnow

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