Iglooplay Mod Rocker is a must pick for modern apartments

iglooplay mod rocker 2
Finished with resource efficient molded ply and steel fasteners, the “Iglooplay Mod Rocker” by Lisa Albin, exceeding the ASTM and Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for child safety, is a safe as well as sleek seating for your kids. The rocking chair draws motivation from African stools that cup the body and comes with an additional non-skid rubber underside for extra comfort. The Mod Rocker is available in maple with clear finish, cherry stain and walnut (gathered from sustainable forestry practices) and can easily sustain about 450 lbs. The rocker measuring 16.25 x 22.25 x 18.75 (WxDxH) looks more like a sculpture than a seating and becomes an ideal pick for modern living spaces. The sustainable seating will set you back something between $285 and $385, according to its finish and extra rubber cushion.

iglooplay mod rocker 1
iglooplay mod rocker

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