iFoolish Magic Drawing Case for iPhone 4 some makes sense

Like appearances, names can be deceptive too. At least, that’s what most of you will swing by from here on. The new iFoolish Magic Drawing Case for iPhone 4S and 4 has recently been designed to abridge the gap between everyone in today’s digital gadgets arena. Designed by Basic Principles, the product however may look humorously foolish for adults but magical to the young ones out there.iFoolish

So what exactly are the horns for? Well, the accessory for iPhone basically allows you to draw and scribble on the surface using a stylus. Although some believe the concept has picked up its inspiration from Magna Doodle (a drawing board, if you remember), iFoolish still makes some sense for those who enjoy sketching or penciling in whilst keeping their delicate iPhone under the wings.

Aimed at popping up fun times when everything’s quiet around, the magic drawing case however provides remarkable protection to your smartphone as well. So whether you want to simply safeguard your iPhone or just want to hone your creativity skills, the cool looking accessory allows you to do almost everything. Featuring a 3.7-inch retro red magic drawing board, the device comes equipped with clean edges and a handy drawing pen (you know for what).

The protective case also ensures that your smartphone stays thoroughly shielded when elders perform some sketching magic. Great, isn’t it? Well, in a way, the case enables people to stay protected, stay magical and stay foolish at the same time (however, no literal meaning for the latter one here). Designed primarily to infuse technology into fun times, the case does its job even when your iPhone has run out of its juice or is offline. What’s more, the need to download any app for exploring the product’s capabilities has been eliminated too. Doused in red, the new iFoolish Magic Drawing Case for iPhone 4S and 4 is available now for about $32.

Via: B-ponline

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