iDock: Docking iPods with a speaker and a lamp

multipurpose ipod dock O3GTj 58
Looking for a functional dock for your iPod/ iPhone? Check out the latest iPod Dock by Sang-Hoon Lee that is not just a docking station for your iPod but is also a speaker system and a lamp. Combining the speaker system and lamp with the dock, iDock seems to be a perfect product for compact homes. The iDock comes in the shape of the reversed English alphabet ‘C’. While your iPod/ iPhone is docked at the bottom and the light at the top, the speaker system is attached to the sides of the docking station. Lee’s multifunctional iPod dock makes a rational synthesis of products, as all the devices go hand in had with each other, offering an elegant all-in-one solution to modern homes.

multipurpose ipod dock 1 ABRQv 58

Via: Unplggd

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