ICT Experience Center, a storehouse of playful learning for tech freaks

Not every day does someone come across a design as brilliant as the ICT Experience Center! A brainchild of Studio 1:1, a design firm based in Netherlands, the place will act as a perfect host and act as a meeting point for educators, managers, reactors. These people from the education sector can come together where they will fetch the much required inspiration and learn about the latest developments in the Information and Communications or ICT sector.

ICT Center

Studio 1:1 joined hands with Stichting Kennisnet and the result was the ICT Experience Center, which comprises of office space spread on various floors. This available space can be rented and will attract ambassadors from various parts of the world. The uber cool design has a semi closed seating area that looks like an outdated computer port and will further speed up the thinking process once someone is in there. All the workstations will comprise of data and power plugs, while there are other spots where one will be triggered to stand and strike a conversation with others.

The walls have been ornamented in a unique way and the site of old keyboard keys will wow onlookers. One will be able to savor computer hardware art as well, which is definitely interesting, which is of course functional and adds an additive charm to the surreal place. There is technology everywhere and even the floors have been given a taste of it. Made to look like circuit boards, are the lines on the floor, which do everything to fetch unending attention. Giving a tasteful appeal are the LED strips wedged in the ceiling, which gracefully mirror the stripes present on the floor.

ICT Experience Center is a fun and playful space, which will calm educators as they feel the rush to move ahead with ever changing technology.

Via: Fastcodesign

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