ICIO keeps elderly mobile and independent for a long time

icio personal transporter  04

As we move toward the dusk of our existence, life with physical strength reducing day by day becomes calm and immobile, if not entirely stagnant. Presenting a solution to help facilitate elderly people’s movement, designer Malin Grummas has designed a personal transporter, as an alternative to the walker/scooter, for seniors that enables more independence and opportunity for mobility and active lifestyles. The ICIO, as the Swedish designer calls her personal transporter, not only offers a mobile aid to the senior citizens, taking them right into the stores and other public places, but also helps them in keeping fit with routine strolls. With the ICIO, the elderly can continue to be physically, mentally and socially active, increasing their mobility, independence and quality of life for a longer period.

icio personal transporter  03
icio personal transporter  01
icio personal transporter  05

Via: UMU

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