Icelett composting toilet will free smell and bacteria out of your poop

For some odd reason, toilet manufacturers around the world have become near obsessed with creating toilets that forgo the flushing mechanism for seemingly more nature friendly composting variants that can incinerate your poop and pee to ensure that you don’t have to waste time and resources on getting your plumbing attached to the municipality’s sewerage lines. The Icelett composting toilet from Biolan, the Finnish composting toilet manufacturer that specializes in the field, proposes that instead of trying to seal, bury or burn the poop and pee, it might be a whole lot more sanitary to freeze it!

Biolan Icelett

The manufacturer claims that chilling the poop down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius would kill most of the organic substances in it and thus eliminate odor. To use, one simply has to plug it into an electric outlet and go without worrying about plumbing and pipes. The manufacturer claims that the unit only uses 1.44 kWh per day which is still very energy efficient in comparison to other composting toilets.

However, the makers of the poop freezer also warn that the device is best for ambient temperatures of 77F or 25 °C and the unit would not be as efficient in hotter climates. One wonders whether it wouldn’t be more eco friendly to simply dig a hole in your backyard, poop in it, cover it with mud and let nature take care of the composting instead.

Via: Tree Hugger

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