iBamboo Speaker is eco friendly and comes sans wires

Mobile phones have made our lives easy and entertaining. From games to music, everything offered by mobile phones makes sure a person remains occupied. But everyone longs for that one perfect speaker which will enhance the music quality when listening to music on a handset. There are many tiny handset speakers present in the market and adding to the list is the iBamboo Speaker.

iBamboo Passive Acoustic Speaker

The passive acoustic speaker has been designed by Anatoliy Omelchenko. iBamboo Speaker will work well when connected to an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. The design is very simple and has been made from a piece of bamboo that is open from both the ends. It has been crafted in a way, which will allow you to place your iPhone at the top of the design. Sound gets amplified because of the resonance of the hollow body of the natural speaker. This means that the speakers don’t need to be attached to any kind of power supply, hence are clean and green in nature just like their material.

iBamboo Speaker has been caked in black lacquer that will produce a stereo-like effect. No two speakers are identical as they are made from a natural material that varies in appearance. The passive amplifier has a plain appearance, which will blend well with the sophisticated look of the attention-grabbing iPhone. So, carry this simple device (priced $25) wherever you go and listen to great music without the tension of getting tangled in messy wires.

Via: Technabob

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