iBamboo joins the green bandwagon with its Urban brand line

This newbie from iBamboo, made for docking to your iPhone, has been labeled as the Urban edition. The simple looking gizmo is actually an amplification kit for your iPhone and like most new products making a foray into the market this one too is going green. The device will be manufactured from recycled plastic. Sonic tunes will get magnified after they hit the walls of the speaker and echo all around.

iBamboo speaker to get recycled plastic

This is a great gadget for those who listen to music on the go. The device has not hit the market yet and is being tested for its usability. It was developed to meet the demand for a more durable speaker, which can withstand damage. Although it is made from recycled plastic, the device is expected to be stronger than other appliances in the market that are made from metal or plastic. Also, the gizmo will be aimed at green living enthusiasts, who are increasingly showing a preference for green products.

Since it is made from plastic, the notes produced by the piece sound considerably different from other iBamboo products. The earlier speakers had a warm look and resounded mellow tones. But the intonation coming out of these speakers has a sharp punch and is sort of blunt. This makes it a good choice for hard hitting music which has vociferous and brassy notes with crisp beats.

Powered by resonance and amplification just like its antecedents, you do not need electricity to juice up the speaker. The model will also be of the same size and shape as the previous lineup from iBamboo. The device will come in a carry pouch, which will also be made using eco friendly materials. The gadget will be available in two different exterior finishes, clear and with solid colors. It will mostly be retailed for $29.

Via: Gizmag

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