Hybrid racecar by BYU graduates looks good to scorch the track

Design students at the Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah must be some set of go getters. Under the guidance of Dr. Robert Todd, they constructed a hybrid race car. Daubed in color blue, this streamlined beauty, aptly known as Hybrid Blue, is touted to be extremely fast and efficient. The super duper auto has already proven its mettle. After taking up the Society of Automotive Engineers Formula Hybrid challenge, the speedster stood first there. The event took place at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway very recently in 2012.

Student built hybrid racecar

The auto is also quite the speedster and can generate a torque of 610 Nm. In just three seconds, the auto will pick up from zero to 60 mph. It has an electric motor loaded with a 72 volt lithium polymer battery pack and also an ethanol powered E85 fuel burning engine. The 100 hp auto gallops at an amazing pace.

The power of the auto comes across blatantly in its performance during the endurance run. It not only finished the 13.7 mile stretch before others but also had 75% of the battery charge along with some fuel left over even after it had cross the final mark. The victory is certainly a momentous one as this was the final project of Dr.Todd, who will be retiring shortly. Also, BYU has never stood first at this event before, so the win was really very memorable.

Via: Gizmag

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