Husqvarna Panthera Leo allows zero-emission electric mowing

husqvarna electric lawnmower   1
Designed by the fancy robot lawnmower maker, Husqvarna, the Husqvarna Panthera Leo is an electric lawnmower crafted from recycled materials. Featuring five motors powered by a rechargeable lithium phosphate battery that propels three separate cutters, the lawnmower can do the cutting tasks nonstop for about two hours. Featuring an LCD display monitor with silicon underneath, which automatically comprehends the optimum cutting height, speed, width of the cutting deck, service information, steep hill warning and running speed, the electric mower is capable of mowing of variable, between a 33″ and 47″ wide swath. The zero-emission lawnmower comes with an ergonomic steering wheel and easy to control dashboard with zero-turn functionality, making lawn mowing fun.

husqvarna electric lawnmower   2
husqvarna electric lawnmower   3
husqvarna electric lawnmower   4
husqvarna electric lawnmower   5

Via: Jalopnik/ Dvice

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