Eight human powered watercrafts for a safe and green cruise

The watercraft which is powered using the power of human is called human-powered watercraft. Human power required to move this kind of watercraft comes from the hands or feet. Oars, paddles, or poles are used to drive this watercraft using the power generated from the hand and the power of the feet is used with pedals and a crank to power this kind of watercraft. Most human-powered watercrafts maintain their position on the water using buoyancy. These watercrafts are green and completely Eco-friendly. Here is a list of eight human powered watercrafts for a safe and green cruise.

1. Kettwiesel trike

Kettwiesel trike

The credit for designing a human-powered boat from a Triathlon machine Kettwiesel trike goes to an innovative designer named Greg. Greg used a fly fishing boat and replaced its floats with maneuverable pieces. A roller drives the propeller that rotates to push this boat against the air. The turning roller rubs against the wheel and the cycle continues with the turn of the cable. Greg has used a rudder in place of the front wheel. Panniers are held by the racks behind the seat. The best thing about this boat is that it has a portable and compact conversion kit.

2. Aquaskipper


This human-powered watercraft made up of lightweight aluminum has the potential to add a new chapter in the research related to water-trodding technology. This Eco-friendly boat is completely emission free. The hydrofoil wings used in Aquaskipper have marginal drag in water and the fiberglass spring mechanism used in this unique boat allows the user to ride this boat on water quite easily by just jumping up and down on it. The overall length of this boat is 6 feet and the wingspan is 7 feet long. Priced at $495, the total weight of this boat is just 26 kgs.

3. Jonathan Mahieddine’s human powered boat

Jonathan Mahieddine’s human powered boat

Designed and created by French designer Jonathan Mahieddine, this solar and human-powered concept boat has got a sleek and stylish look. The designer claims that this boat can be used by people to cruise on water surface quietly without causing any harm to the environment. Pedals are used to power this Eco-friendly boat. Mahieddine claims that the idea to design this boat came to his mind when he was making a project in high school. The designer has designed this concept boat with the Numero Design agency.

4. Di-Cycle


The Di-Cycle designed by GBO design is a human-powered boat, which can make our dream of riding bike on water a reality in future. The concept of dicycle is not new but the Di-Cycle designed in 2005 by Brabantse Spelen for a Dutch design competition is better than the dicycles designs we have seen so far. Unfortunately, this is just a concept and it remains to be seen whether Di-Cycle would become a reality or not.

5. The Nimbus Hyak kayak

The Nimbus Hyak kayak

Designed by Stevie Smith, the Hyak kayak is a prototype human-powered boat. The overall length of this Eco-friendly boat is 19′ 3″ long and it has a 28″ beam. The depth of this boat weighing 79lbs is 15.5″. The design of this prototype boat is inspired from a human powered boat designed by Rick Willoughby. This boat is divided into three compartments: front, rear and cockpit. This boat features aerodynamic shape, which minimizes the effect of strong headwinds and allows this boat to move on water’s surface.

6. Nauticraft Escapade

Nauticraft Escapade

This 12-foot long human-powered boat named Nauticraft Escapade was used by 59-year-old Paul Tucker in 2002 to cross the English Channel. This boat is spacious enough to accommodate three passengers. The 16″ two-bladed propeller of this boat is moved by a smooth pedal crank. This boat can achieve a high speed of around 5 mph. This boat can move in shallow water as well because it draws 1′ 8″ of water. The boat can be stopped by backward pedaling. This Eco-friendly boat is priced at $3,800.

7. Human powered submarine

Human powered submarine

A team of French engineers deserve credit for designing the world’s first pedal-powered submarine nicknamed the ‘Scubster’. This human-powered submarine features a pedal with a belt and this pedal moves the boat’s twin-propeller system. This submarine can hit a maximum speed of 5 mph and reach a depth of 20 feet.

8. Tun Fun machine from I.Kiryakov and S.Ballmeier

Tun Fun machine

The credit for designing Tun Fun machine goes to I.Kiryakov, S.Ballmeier, K.Eichelberg & M.Dressler. This human-powered watercraft is 8 meter long and it can hit a high speed of 6.5 knots. A rear flipper converts the action to forward motion. This boat is spacious enough to accommodate a driver and one passenger. The low tail of this boat can be used as a bath platform, while front part of this boat can be used as leisure platform.

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