Human powered oRo is stylish and perfect for an urban environemnt

Rising fuel prices and pollution levels have triggered designers to come up with vehicles that come smothered in eco friendliness. Understanding the need of compact urban mobility is designer You Yin Ting, who has come up with an amazing concept in the form of oRo, which is a human powered ride.

Human Powered Vehicle - oRo

The designer fetched quite some inspiration from rocking chair, which has a very comfortable nature and an interesting movement. The zero-emission vehicle will prove to be very practical on traffic choked roads. The aerodynamic design comprises of two wheels: one in the front and the other in the rear. When in use, the back wheel extends for a smooth ride but retracts when not in use, which in turn saves a lot space in the parking area.

The seat can be adjusted as per the comfort of users as they get to ride in two modes, normal and relax. The inside is as pretty as the outside, with a digital speedometer panel, steering wheel to maneuver the ride and pedals to power it. oRo comes complete with indicators, two front lights and a backlight. The wheels glow when the surroundings get dark, which add to the safety level of the green vehicle. The front door in the design can be slid upwards, which will support proper ventilation.

oRo can be used by one person at a time and will be great to move around the city. The compact ride is very stylish and will keep you healthy while saving the environment from the clutches of pollution.

Via: Designcot

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