HTC One TE tablet with Android 5.0 can make rivals wide awake

HTC fans were not happy at this year’s MWC. They expected a rumored tablet to be announced at this event, but the company launched only smartphone HTC One. It was disappointing for people because after the release of Jetstream in September 2011, they were expecting a tablet. Nevertheless, we have good news for all those disappointed fans. Designer Hasan Kaymak has created a concept tablet referred as HTC One TE that features a 10.1-inch SLCD2 display with a resolution of 720P (resolution: 1280 x 800), quad core processor and stunning Beats Audio.

HTC One TE Tablet

The tablet runs on Android 5.0 Jelly Bean that has a future version of HTC Sense UI. It has an 8-megapixel camera with flash and video recording facility, Gorilla glass 2 protection and Wi-Fi b/g/n at 60 GHz. Interestingly it will also sport a micro HDMI port for audio or video transmission to TV or projector. Do not expect any Beats headphone with it because last week HTC announced that they would stop shipping that with any device.

As you can see from the pictures, the design of this tablet is similar to HTC One series, especially the back panel. It is expected that the tablet can give a tight competition to iPad and other major tablets available in the market. Right now, there is no news about its production, release or price. As soon as the company releases any of the details, we will update you about the same.

If HTC puts the design in production, everybody will welcome it with open arms because it has powerful specifications and stylish design. Apart from that, the tablet has been designed by famous designer, Kaymak who has created many concept smartphones that could even fight with flagship handsets by most of the manufacturers.

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