HT4 modular toilet bends to the needs of special users

ht4 handicapped toilet 03
The toilet is the most common and iconic accessory in a bathroom, the one that we used every day and we past without notice. Going beyond of what we have these days, Mexican designer Cesar Estrada has designed an innovative toilet called the “HT4” that accommodates all, from kids to handicapped and elderly people, with equal ease. Featuring moving arms that you can adjust in different positions for balance and comfort that also help people to stand and sit, the HT4 also includes an adjustable seat that goes higher for people without strength in their knees and legs and bends to the needs of different users. In addition, the HT4 has an ergonomic back for resting and comfort. And all its lines are based on ergonomics for the best comfort and balance, which can be very useful for handicapped people or just for having a good rest.

ht4 handicapped toilet 02
ht4 handicapped toilet 01

[Thanks Cesar]

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