HP Envy Eyes Video Projector to revolutionize salespersons’ lives

Created by designer Elie Ahovi in collaboration with Francois Rybarczyk and Jeremie Levain, the HP Envy Eyes Video Projector Concept is a device aimed specifically at salespersons. The device was created to incorporate the classic and timeless silhouette of HP’s Envy lineup and features the same ease of use for the salesperson looking to provide an instant and impressive presentation of data to clients and bosses.

Envy Eyes

The projector comes with an integrated wireless touchscreen tablet which eliminates the need for salespersons to travel with a heavy laptop when they need to make presentations on the go. The intuitive tablet allows professionals to keep their business documents handy and interact with the documents they are presenting more seamlessly. The HP Envy Eyes Video Projector Concept allows users to crop, draw and zoom images and notes and add notes instantly on the projected document. What’s even better is that users can simply save their presentations on an SDcard or a USB drive and use the tablet to project them on demand.

To ensure that the HP Envy Eyes Video Projector stay secure during trips and commute, the device is crafted with an in-built handle on the aluminum unibody frame while a ventilation system located high under the frame allows the device to remain cool even during prolonged usage. Since the touchscreen tablet is integrated to the top of the projector, an induction system is used to charge which helps users keep messy wires at bay.

Via: Elieahov

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