How to make your bike thief-proof

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Looks like Sir Clive Sinclair’s foldable A-Bike really inspired a lot of people out there to go compact. And taking the great inventor’s initiative one step further, designer Maciej Ojrzanowski decided to come up with a clever way to carry all of your bike add-ons with you safely and out of thieves’ reach. With all of your bike’s lighting, indicators and mudguards packed into a handy bag pack, the multi-purpose bike device lets you carry your bike valuables with you whenever you’re forced to leave your bike in a public parking space so that the thieves find nothing worth siphoning off on your ride. The bag is all quite handy as a, well, bag, and can carry your wallet, cellphone, and even food and clothes, which combined with the included toolbox and map holder, makes it a traveler’s best friend!

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