Houseboat by Rost Niderehe Architects promises best hours on the waters

houseboat 1
Nothing comes even remotely close to living in a house boat surrounded by calm serene waters, that too in the middle of a cosmopolitan city like Hamburg. Designed by Rost Niderehe Architects this house boat speaks a clear and simple architectural language. The boat has a single wall that wraps like a spiral from the outside to the inside. The upper deck has been assigned public use whereas the private utilities such as the work, living, and bedrooms have been assigned the lower deck.

houseboat 2
Built from mainly steel and wood the form seeks inspiration from local architecture in terms of design and material used. Surrounded by the green belt of the Eibek Kanal the houseboat can be moored to a new destination with the help of a tug.

houseboat 3
houseboat 4
houseboat 5
houseboat 6
houseboat 7

Via: Contemporist

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