Flamenco-inspired House of Convexities makes the light dance

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Just as it is named, the House of Convexities uses a lot of curves as the main part of its shape, both in its exterior and interior. Even its ceilings are part of the convexities. The inspiration for this design is from the rich cultural experience of Flamenco, the passionate rhythmical Spanish music, as well as its elaborate dance. The curves in this poetic house serve to capture and portray the wonderful experience of Flamenco. The bows and twists in the walls and ceilings give vibes similar to the feeling of watching those lovely ladies twirl their skirts and bodies. One of the picturesque aspects of this house is the waving effect of the lights and shadows as they move against the narrowly corrugated lines on the ceiling.

The emphasis on lights and shadows is used throughout the house, effectively augmenting the beauty it already derives from it beautiful curves. The architect of the House of Convexities, Antonio Cardillo, a lover of Flamenco sought to translate the sounds and dynamics of Flamenco into a structure and he succeeded in replicating the feeling of grace by artfully controlling the pattern of his convexities. The house is located in an open range area near Barcelona, where it stands out in high contrast to its surroundings. But this choice of location is probably meant to ensure that no exterior shadows are cast on the building, thereby ensuring that it receives full sunlight to display its interior shadow effect.
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