Hotel Full Moon: Radical skyscraper concept!

full moon rising

Azerbaijan is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and as such is the hotbed of extreme construction activity. With so much of construction going around it is but inevitable that some creative company throws around a radical concept or two for good measure. ‘Hotel Full Moon‘ is a concept skyscraper by a Korean firm Heerim Architects and it is so radically different from the traditional structures that once it is made it will transform the view of Azerbaijani capital Baku. Ever seen a gherkin around? Hotel Full Moon is a concept that seems to have borrowed a thing or two from that fruit. The side profile of the hotel is round and the skyscraper has a hole in one of the top corners that appear different as per the angle it is viewed from.

This changing appearance has a lot to do with the cladding architectural elements introduced into the structure. ‘The front will have a glass diagrid whilst the back will be covered with hexagonal honeycombs.’ The skyscraper itself will rise to 158.68 meters and 35 stories will be devoted to a luxury hotel with 382 rooms. The hotel will be linked via a zoomorphically shaped podium to two residential blocks, curiously named Palace of Wind 1 and 2.

Heerim Architects have another project called the ‘Hotel Crescent’. This would be the counterpoint to the more illustrious Hotel Full Moon and will be characterized by an arc-like structure supported by inner columns.

Check out the images of both the projects in the gallery below and see how the buildings seem something directly out of a sci-fi novel. Once completed, they’d be well worth to travel from wherever you are to this little nook of the world.

Via: Starwars

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