Seven hot gadgets to cut the cold

creative gadgets to beat the cold this winter
Winters are here and so is everything warm. It’s time to pull out your woolen, heaters and other equipments you use to beat the winter chill. Winters are also the time to adorn you with smart jackets and boots. It’s, in fact, an added advantage for many people who simply love the hazy mornings and chilly nights. But now that technology has seeped into everything and anything we use, how can clothes be left behind. There is a horde of stuff in the market to keep you warm with the help of technology. Gloves, jackets and even your mattress can be turned into a cozy haven with technology. Here are a few items available in the market to cut the cold.

1. Self-Heating Jacket

Self-Heating Jacket

This jacket works on the new cold weather technology to warm you and help blood circulation. It works on M12 red lithium battery. This self-heating jacket has carbon fibres that distribute heat to different body parts. This multi-layered soft shell jacket is particularly beneficial for those who work in extreme cold conditions. There are three different heat settings that can be set according to your requirement. The batteries can be charged (comes with optional charger) and the jacket can release heat for up to 6 hours per charge. Besides, it is heat resistant and water proof.

2. E-Tip Gloves

E-Tip Gloves

E-Tip gloves have been specifically designed keeping in mind the various touch pad gadgets that are in vogue nowadays. A common problem that you face in winters is of operating your touch-screen phones, i-pad and other touch screen gadgets while wearing the gloves. Besides, there is added fear of the gadget slipping off your hands. But with E-Tip gloves you can easily operate your touch-screen phone and other equipment. It has X-static fabric on index finger and thumb tips. It has a layer of pure silver stuck on it. A silicone circuit pattern facilitates proper gripping.

3. Thermosoles Rechargeable Heated Insoles

Thermosoles Rechargeable Heated Insoles

This product has been designed in such a way that you would not face any problem operating it. Their purpose is to warm your feet on a cold day. These are chargeable and hence, give you wireless comfort. Just slip in a fully charged insole into your shoe and keep your feet warm for up to 8 hours. They not only provide even heating but their cushiony effects also make them very comfortable. They gauge your body temperature and let out heat accordingly. Ideal for snow trekking or any other chilly adventure.

4. Heated Mattress Pad

Heated Mattress Pad

This mattress pad has been designed to release heat into six different parts of the mattress and adjust heat levels accordingly. Each of the six zones has 10 different temperature settings so that you have the choice to regulate the amount of heat. This means that you can keep your feet extra warm while your head area is relatively cooler. It comes with a remote control and a pre heat function.

5. Heated Kitty Slippers

Heated Kitty Slipperspers

These cute kitty slippers also fulfill the same purpose of heating your feet. USB powered, they are a great way to warm you up. It not only looks cute and beautiful in your feet but also do their job well. It can heat up to 38 degree Celsius and also has a tiny bell, making it great for your little ones. It comes with a remote control.

6. Heated Boots

Heated Boots

This one is for your kiddos. Heated boots take care of the the tiny feet of your young ones in an amazing manner. Just heat them in the microwave for 90 seconds (850-100 watts) or two minutes (600 – 800 watts) and they are all set to adorn their feet. Once you do the microwave routine, they will reheat at room temperature. So once you heat them in the microwave, you are free from the hassle of re heating them. As these boots have been designed for kids, they come in electric pink and blue colours. These cute boots are suitable for kids up to 3 years of age.

7. Heated Mouse

Heated Mouse

This mouse also fulfills your need to fill up with heat on a wintery day and ease cold mouse muscle pain. Usually the metallic body of a mouse gets quite cold on a cold day. But this mouse is an efficient source on infra – red heat which keeps it warm. It also helps soothe chronic cold mouse hand pain and heal stressed muscles.

So, these were some highly creative gadgets to help you beat the cold. They are quite useful and also very handy. These creative gadgets are really hot, literally. Bring home and try out for yourself.

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