Hong Kong’s Innovation Tower: Ultimate creative mastery

the innovation tower

Recently I came across this unique architectural building named the Innovation Tower, located at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus. What attracted my attention was the unusual structure of the building that lent it a wavy outlook. This architectural masterpiece was designed by architect Zaha Hadid. The picture above truly portrays an astonishing spectacle for the viewers. The School of Design is planned to be situated inside this building. I was more excited to learn about the attributes that generated such a fluid outlook to the building. The assymetric look of the tower and the podium definitely adds to its artistic brilliance. The special attraction of the Innovation Tower is that it is so spacious that it can conveniently house exhibition foums as well as outdoor recreational amenities. Once the construction is completed, this building will surely draw numerous appreciative glances from every passer-by. truly, an innovative architectural product, the building has been aptly named.

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