Honda IndyCar: Green beast to scorch the track in 2011

honda indycar wp3
When Honda and the Indy Racing League came to CCS, they wanted a new iconic car for the year 2011. And they end up with the Honda IndyCar, a series-hybrid race car that clearly sets apart from other open-wheeled racers. The brainchild of designer Nicolas Stone, the futuristic car pays special attention to green technologies and harnesses wind energy to generate electricity. Featuring an innovative new propulsion system, the car is able to power itself with its own momentum by employing wind turbines to generate electricity from the air traveling over the car at high speeds. Facing an average of just 33 mph of wind, the IndyCar is capable of reaching a top speed of over 230 mph. Just incredible!

honda indycar wp1
honda indycar wp
honda indycar wp4
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honda indycar wp6

[Thanks Nicolas]

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