Honda Alias carries your wardrobe along

honda alias 7
Devised for the Coventry University (UK) Degree Show 09, open to the public from May 30, the “Alias” by Luke Norman price is an extreme sports vehicle for motorsports enthusiasts, which could hold sports equipment without sacrificing interior cabin space. Designed for Honda, the unique shape of the car is achieved by conniving it around four users seated in a diamond formation. This also creates a pear shaped outer body, which allows the users to attach their sports equipment to the outer skin of the vehicle. Generating power from a 2.2 liter Honda V-tec engine, the Alias attaches each seat to a frame (within the interior) that further doubles as a personal heated clothes rail. So, you may hang wet/dirty clothes on 3 clothes rails on the back of each seat during your sports activities, allowing you to take a spare set of clothes, which you can change to leave your wet/dirty clothes to dry on the back of the car seat. Just cool.

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[Thanks Luke]

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