Honda 3R-C concept for a zero-emission ride in urban environments

honda cr z 01

Slated to be displayed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the “Honda 3R-C” by Honda’s European research and design team is a three-wheeled vehicle concept that allows zero-emission commutation in urban environments, reducing your carbon footprint. Generating power from an electric drivetrain, located low down in the chassis to improve the center of gravity, the single-seater integrates a canopy that when parked covers the seat and handlebars to keep the interior clean and arid in all weather conditions. When on the move, the canopy becomes an enveloping windscreen, while the mounted sides give extra protection to the rider. In addition, the Honda 3R-C also presents a safe cargo area up front to carry your luggage.

honda cr z 02
honda cr z 03
honda cr z 04

Via: Jalopnik

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