Homecentric Laptop for every entertainment purpose

homecentric laptop 05

The “Homecentric” by Carl Andersen is a flexible laptop design that caters to the varied needs, be it at home or at the workplace. The device is designed around the ‘9 to 5-ers’ who look to kick back, but stay connected to the Social Network. Developing an experience that would resemble the act of ‘cozying up with a good book,’ it brings the users to a natural comfort that has been around far before home computing entered the picture. This required a number of positions, from a hand held book format, to a movie watching position, and still be able to cater to the traditional laptop form that the current users are familiar with. Catch up on the news, keep in touch with friends, or even watch the latest movie release on the porch. The Homecentric laptop has something in its bag for each member of the family.

homecentric laptop 01
homecentric laptop 02
homecentric laptop 03
homecentric laptop 04
homecentric laptop 06

[Thanks Carl]

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