‘Holy Grail of Hacks’ turns building into a Tetris game

It has been rightly said that the achievement of excellence can only happen if the organization promotes a culture of creative dissatisfaction. The students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have once again astounded world with their innovative young brains. The Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science building was hacked last weekend and turned into a Tetris game board.

The Holy Grail of hacks

“Tetris on the Green building” was considered as the “Holy Grail of hacks” by the MIT hackers as one side of the building fashioned a wonderful lattice of windows for the game. The hackers turned this building into a huge, playable, multi colored Tetris game beloved by students near and far. The game starts in a real fashion with the middle portion of the building acting as a scrolling marquee to display the word “Tetris.” Not many details are disclosed about the game but it is supposed that a set of wireless RGB LED lamps might have been assembled and set on each window sill. Some dead pixels have also been included to give it a real feel. A console allows players to drop, move, rotate and control blocks. As the player progresses, the level of difficulty increases with the emergence of more pale colors that make it hard to identify blocks. All the blocks fall to the bottom of the building upon losing the game.

By transforming creativity into innovation, the students at MIT have once again proved their love for a good hack and nothing could be better than playing a “Tetris” game while doing it.

Via: Hack a Day / Huffington Post

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