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A hint of precociousness turns your iPhone into the Channel of Mindfulness.. Let’s iMeditate..

A cellphone is undoubtedly a convenience and a boon in critical situations but the last thing that a cell phone is, is a source of peace! Yup, A mobile phone makes you accessible when you least want to be, wakes you up when you would like to just submit to the throes of relaxation, push you closer to events and chores you’d like to avoid. The list is just ceaseless, affirming that there are always two sides to a coin. But what if it was said that your phone could become your medium to achieve the highest state of personal peace and joy, where you revel in soothing contemplation and nothingness? Well, the genius of Dutch designer Yufan wang has morphed your average iPhone into a transformational meditation device. Check it out.

wheel for iPhone

“Channel of mindfulness” is the name of this “device of contemplation” which in essence is a dock combined with an app. Together, the app and the dock are akin to the Tibetan prayer wheel. The materials employed in its built are wood, leather, plastic and metal. As alluded to earlier, the design and utility of the dock are centered around the prayer wheel in which the user has to remain focused in spinning the accessory bearing arm in a constant circular fashion, at a steady pace. The steady motion produces sounds that assist in better focus and meditative practice. If the user loses the steady tempo, the sounds lose their actual resonance encouraging the user to stay focused. The tuning knob integrated with the iPhone from the side of the case. The users also have the option to choose from a range of meditative sounds.

Due to the inherent property of the iPhone to detect user location, it is also possible to choose sounds related to nearby locales. For instance, being close to a water body, one can choose the sounds of waves or being close to a church, the sounds of the tower bell can be played in the device. A frequency track of one of the six solfeggio frequencies overplays the natural sounds. These frequencies are supposed to boost meditative faculties in humans leading to an assisted and easier arrival of the all peaceful and transcendental state.

Via: Designboom

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