High-tech robots to ease your travel

The popularity of robots is slowly increasing and the use of robots in our daily life is on the up these days. Some of the robots are more intelligent than humans and they are capable of doing works which are tough for normal people. These days you can have robots working as servants for you and taking care of your daily needs. There are robots that can ease your travel by assisting you prepare for your travel.

Here is the list of eight high-tech robots to ease your travel

Humanoid robot on moon

The humanoid robot is the brainchild of Japanese space scientists who are preparing hard for a joint mission by 2020. The scientists are hopeful that the humanoid robot would help the human astronauts in their 2020 moon exploration. This two-legged robot will change the face of space exploration forever. The budget for this program is yet to be finalized and it is expected that the Japanese Government would approve the final budget in a couple of years. What we all know is that Japanese are well versed with the technology and knowing their track record, we can believe that they would be able to send walking humanoid on moon by 2020.

Mobile human guidance robot

Developed by NSK Ltd, the human guidance robot was unveiled in 2009 at International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. This wheeled mobile robot has the ability to guide people through obstacles. The robot detects obstacles using laser based range sensors. The repulsive forces are calculated by the robot using the distance and direction of the obstacle. After identifying the obstacles, the robot helps the person to maneuver through the obstacles accordingly. This robot can prove a useful tool during disaster situation.


Roboporter is a very useful robot which can be used to carry your suitcases and other luggage. The Roboporter is designed and developed by Japanese scientists and it is currently seen at the Kita Kyushu airport. The height of this useful robot is four feet and it can prove to be a perfect replacement for human porters. The robot talks in a metallic voice when it approaches a person with luggage. The exterior of this robot is green and a screen has been used as the face of this robot. The robot is capable of carrying 50 kg of weight at a time.

Aida robot

AIDA stands for Affective Intelligent Driving Agent. The Aida robot is the brainchild of MIT’s SENSEable City Lab researchers. They have developed these cute robots together with the engineers at Audi. The AIDA has been created to give company to your car driver. AIDA is highly interactive robot and it has been programmed to give information to the driver while he/she is driving the vehicle. This robot talks with the driver while sitting on the dashboard.

Eporo robot car

Developed by Japanese automaker Nissan, the Eporo robot car was officially unveiled at CEATEC in 2009. Nissan has used fish-inspired technology, in this robot car which travels in groups. Just like fish, the Eporo’s field of view is an incredible 288 degrees. The robot car features two laser range finder. The large field of view helps in avoiding collisions and it also helps the robot car to communicate with each other. It is expected that Nissan would soon use this modern technology in its vehicles.

Towel Folding Robot

Pieter Abbeel of UC Berkeley deserves credit for designing this Towel Folding Robot which is programmed to fold towels. This PR2 robot is controlled by an algorithm that helps the robot in folding towels and other rectangular fold-able items. The interesting thing about this robot is that it can fold piles of towels of different shapes and sizes quite comfortably in a quick time.

Family Nanny Robot

As the name suggests, the Family Nanny Robot is programmed to do household chores just like a human nanny. This robot is developed by Chinese firm Shenyang Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd. The robot features sensors to detect a gas leak and is capable of informing the owner about the same via text message or email. The robot can also chat with old people and has large display and camera to carry on regular check ups of them. The battery life of this robot is 8 hours. The robot is priced at $1,500.

Tony the Robot Suitcase

It is clear from the name that Tony is a robot suitcase with a battery life of 2 hours. This robot features light sensitive detectors and ultrasound and infrared sensors which allows the robot to maneuver around obstacles. This hi-tech robot suitcase also has sensors to let the owner know when it is picked by some other person. The robot is priced at $1960.

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