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Home lighting occupies a large chunk of our overall energy consumption. At locations with minimal sunlight, even days need to be illuminated by artificial light. Somehow we do not seem to understand the simple things like turning off the lights when not needed, using low-watt lighting and so on to cut down on our energy expenditure.

Researches have indicated that much of everyday energy expenditure happens when electric appliances are turned on even if their use is over. It could be due to oversight, negligence or paucity of time of the people in the house. Now new solutions in switch manufacturing have come out. Switches have become more of a breed of intelligent devices rather than dumb input terminals. With so much impetus on ecology conservation, it is a welcome reality that such switches are becoming more of a household name. To understand this better, take a look at the following list of high tech switches that can drastically cut down on your energy expenditure.

MAGI Light


MAGI Light is a combination of lamps and switches. There is a distinctive look and feel to this product. Unlike any other switch, the style of operation differs too. Traditionally switches were operated using the pressing mechanism. But with this switch, users will have to turn it to switch the lights on or off. The lamps provide a natural sunlight-like feel. It hardly looks like a switch. Rather, it looks more like a wall-décor accessory.

Smart switches

2 smart switch

These switches work on motion-sensing technology. You can control it using only gestures. The switch is a panel with underlying sensors. You need to draw its attention to switch on or off a light source by gesturing to it. There are particular ways to gesture to get it to do things. The main selling point of this switch is that you can control all your lights at once, and from a single point. This design concept has revolutionized how switches may be developed in the future.

Consumption feedback switch

3 smart-switch

Most of us expend energy without realizing or even making an attempt to know how much we spent. Smart Consumption Feedback switch helps you understand your consumption better by displaying a flashing light to indicate your over-consumption. The intensity of the flashing light is stronger if your energy consumption is more and vice versa.

OLED touch screen light switch

OLED touch screen light switch

Not only does it allow control over lights, this switch also graphically indicates power consumption statistics. So you would know when you are using too much electricity. The graphical representation comes in different ways.

Green switch

Green Switch

Known as ‘wireless switch’ or ‘green switch’, it enables you to switch on or switch off your electric appliances wirelessly. Essentially, the switch has a chip with capabilities of radio communication. So the next time you leave home, you can give a command to switch off, and all the wireless switches will turn off all appliances.

Motion sensing light switch

Motion sensing light switch

As already mentioned, most energy consumption happens when there is no need of it. In other words, failure to switch off appliances after use is the single most accumulator of energy expenditure. To counter this, Motion Sensing Light Switch uses inactivity controls to power on or off lights. When it detects inactivity in a particular room, it powers off lights. It does this by detecting movement in the room. When it sees that there is movement in the room, it decides to keep the lights on.

Floor Plan Light switch

Floor Plan Light switch

Even after staying for a long time in a house, you may not know which switch controls which electrical appliance. For example, you may switch off the patio lights to switch off the ceiling fan. Floor Plan Light Switch solves this problem by introducing a single panel switch that has the floor plan of the house on the surface. So if you want to switch off the patio light, you need to navigate to that area on the switch-surface and turn if off.

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