High tech devices to assist scuba divers under water

Scuba diving is fun but involves a lot of risk as scuba divers are likely to suffer injuries by getting hurt with objects moving on the surface of water. The risk of getting hurt increases at places where big boats and ships are common. This happens because it becomes tough for such hefty structures to identify scuba divers. But not to worry as new inventions from creative minds are being made for underwater assistance. Presented below is a list of 10 such devices. Have a look.

Immersed Senses

Designed by Adam Wendel, Immersed Senses is a futuristic device designed to help the diver to see, hear and breathe more comfortably underwater. This device has a LED flashlight, which can be used by the diver to observe the ocean’s depths in a better manner. The OLED glass display on the mask helps the diver to observe surroundings in a beautiful manner and covered helmet allows the extracted oxygen to run freely throughout the helmet.

Dynamic Scuba Fin

Designed and created by Designcraft, Dynamic Scuba Fin won the bronze medal at IDEA 2008. This device is useful for scuba divers because it obliterates the need to have fins, which is troublesome for divers. Each fin comes fitted with a mechanism, which can be activated with the opposite heel and the fin changes into a shoe within no time. The fin’s blade goes vertical and rest against the fin of the diver. The opposite happens when the diver enters the water and water resistance opens up the fins in a matter of few kicks.

Warn floating backpack

Warn, a floating backpack, is the brainchild of Spanish designer Andreu Capdevila. It is basically a safety device that helps divers to remain safe both under and above water. It can be used during water sports as well. Warn comes equipped with a mechanical reel system, which has been designed to leave a flag on the water surface when the diver goes under water.

DC4 Diving Computer Concept

Designed by Adi Orucevic, the DC4 Diving Computer Concept is a high tech device meant to be used by professional males between 30 and 45 years of age, willing to stay in shape by doing water-based activities. This device has no button, which makes the use of computer easier underwater. The user simply need to tap on any side of the device to start it and this device can be navigated and controlled by touching the screen at the top, bottom, left or right.


Created in 2010 by Simon Siversten, the Subwing water board is a high tech device designed for water stunts. This device allows the users to glide underwater by simply hold its wings. The Subwing can be used to glide above water too. While diving underwater, the divers can use this device to dive and spin too. This device is made using either fiber glass or carbon fiber. The price of the fiber glass piece is around $700, while the carbon fiber piece with matte finish costs $850 and the piece with gloss finish is priced at $895.

LED Dive Flashlight

The credit for designing an LED Dive flashlight, a high tech device that can be used by scuba divers for gripping and flashing the light, goes to Keith Coponi. This device has a water heat sink and it uses LED light engine technology. The power required to glow the flashlight comes from six AA batteries or three C sized batteries.


Designed by Mete A. MORDAG, the Divephone is a modern device, which allows divers to keep track of their underwater performance. This device is offered in two models: the Sports model and the Deep model. Divers willing to dive up to around 75 meter can use the Sports model, whereas the Deep model has been designed for hardcore divers, who would love to track their performance at depths of up to 300 meters.

Diver Distress Signal System

This lifesaving gadget is designed by Gosha Galitsky, Carol Tang and Dogan Sekercioglu. An individual diver can wear this advanced gadget and use it to send signals to other members of his group at the time of distress. The device has a handle that can be pulled by the user to send a distress signal. The Driver Distress Signal System features a beacon too, allowing the rescuers to locate the victim without wasting much time.

Subcom underwater radio

One of the major problems faced by scuba divers is to communicate freely underwater. In order to solve the problems of divers, Nichola Trudgen has come up with his new high tech device named the Subcom Underwater Radio. This device has been designed for the convenience of marine biologists for Tait Radio Communication. The device has several useful features and it comes equipped with user friendly technology. The diver can wear this device on their wrist before going under the surface of water. The diver will feel a vibration if someone sends a message. This gadget is capable of using text and voice recognition technology as well.

Under water text messaging device

Scuba diving is exciting as well as dangerous and scuba divers face major communication problems under the surface of water, but it seems that the new device known as Underwater Digital Device (UDI) will solve this problem. The device comes loaded with 14 messages that can be sent by just pressing a button. The UDI can be used for two-way text messaging and its range is around 500 meters. The diver can use this high tech device to remain in touch with other members of the team as well as the boat. This device is priced at $1,500.

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