High tech clothing for cool geeks

Technology and clothes are as addictive as drugs and when mixed together, the end result is wearable technology that has made the world go bonkers. Wearable technology has been around from quite some time, but the host of concealed features as well as styling needs to be given an overhaul with time. Hi tech clothing has always been fancied by people and present time is no different. The technology enabled apparel trend has undoubtedly taken the world by storm. So, if you are looking for some innovative addition to your wardrobe, then have a look at some of the designs that will leave you smitten.

Mysic: music on your sleeve

Love for music has given birth to a range of products, but nothing can beat Mysic that has been designed by Tania Puella, a Puerto Rican designer. It gives the user flexibility to stream and share music just anywhere and with anyone on the go. But, if you are imagining a silver colored gadget then you are definitely in for a surprise when you learn that stylish products like jackets, friendship bracelets and hooded sweatshirts will take your music experience to an all new level. Mysic is compatible with MP3 players, laptops, mobile phones and PCs as well. This will come complete with personal radio stations, social network music applications as well as online stores and that too while making you look stylish.

Kitanica Mark IV Jacket

Many must have seen Adam Savage from Mythbusters wear the Kitanica Mark IV Jacket, which is definitely one heavy duty creation. If you love indulge yourself in crazy acts then this will prove to be the perfect attire for you. It comes complete with spine protection and a padded rib, 6 pockets, 2 interior pockets, shoulder pockets, dual clinching collar and one inch side slide buttons. The almost indestructible, heavy duty gear comes with a lifetime guarantee and will definitely leave you blown away.

Smart Textile Baseball Shirt

Elbow injuries while playing baseball is not an uncommon thing, but here to lend the much needed protection to baseball pitchers is the Smart Textile Baseball Shirt. The data logging compression shirt will help avoid ligament tears as it has been fitted with conductive threads and motion sensors that can be used in a real game as well as during practice. A player’s pitch is displayed when signals of sensors are carried by conductive threads through the shirt, which are then calculated. This help keep a track on change in pitching, which can be due to fatigue, which can cause injury because change in dynamics of the muscles of a pitcher.

Remote control T-shirt

Misplacing a remote control time and again doesn’t sound alien, but definitely is very irritating. But, here is a t-shirt that doubles as a remote control and will make you throw the small plastic box out of the window. Though it looks like any normal piece of clothing at first sight, but the presence of conductive thread makes all the difference. Soft switched connect with a connective board that produces a circuit board and swaps the plain looking t-shirt into a remote control.

iDope iPod Jacket from Dope+Drakkar

Love music, then you have to love the iPod and affection for iDope iPod Jacket from Dope+Drakkar will surface naturally. The front center line of this cool jacket features a set of colored buttons that are embedded controls for iPod in actuality. The smart fabric actively responds to pressure when touched. It can be dry cleaned and machines washed without the fitted technology getting damaged.

Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt

Out in the scorching sun and missing your air conditioned room, then maybe it’s time you get the Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt to stay cool all the time. Fashioned out of polyester, the dark grey shirt comes fitted with two fans that can be made to run at a high or low speed. It fetches power from 2 AA batteries with an air circulation of 20 liters per second and 12 liters per second at high and low speeds, respectively. Cool, isn’t it!

iSuit by Marks and Spencers

Love for iPod might have been responsible for many accessories around, but Marks and Spencer went a step ahead to create a formal suit that will cater to all your music demands. Christened the iSuit, the left lapel has been sewn with a smart fabric control pad especially for the MP3 player. This will give a wearer the flexibility to skip tracks and adjust the volume as per his/her liking.

Heated Vest

Stay warm even if the temperature outside dips with the heated vest. It provides four hours of warmth because of the ingenious use of carbon fiber technology. A carbon fiber mesh has been sewn inside the vest through which heat is transmitted by using low powered infrared rays. The vest is powered by rechargeable batteries and can even be worn under a coat, while lending all the comfort.

Brompton Oratory Jacket

Brompton Oratory Jacket comes smothered in a very regular look, but comes concealed with features that will leave biking enthusiasts in a state of awe. The cuff if foldable that will protect your hands, while at the same time unfurling a reflective patch. A big patch has been placed at the back of the design, making sure that a biker remains visible even during hours of darkness. The waterproof jacket has been fashioned out of epic cotton, which can be used while riding a bike, in office and gatherings.

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