High-tech beds for luxury apartments

Dominion furniture for bedroom depersonalizes the soul of interiors. Sometimes, volumetric clutter of furniture breaks the unity of interior. To feel the lightness and comfort in your bedroom, give it a unique appearance. These days multimedia beds are in trend are available in a wide range. These designs have evolved into one of the most imperative pieces of furniture and successfully wining the hearts of interior-cautious minds. Complement your bedroom decors with elite techno-featured wise bed design.

Histoire Do Be swivel bed

The Histoire Do Be swivel beds have unique features like orthopedic mattress, remote controlled Mobile-form and cabinetry. The distinguished size, shape and wooden assortment provide it a folk touch and mount the make-over.

Multimedia Bed with RUF Cinema

The splendid multimedia bed incorporates home cinema shelves fitted in headboard and RUF cinema decors fitted in foot section. This design incorporates salient other features as well like remote controlled radio system and appropriate space for game consoles and DVD player.

Gustarle TV Bed

The impressive waterbed, wood finishes and original leather for inset panels are some characteristics that make it more viable. It incorporates all the LCD and DVD player’s facilities. Its fabric and inbuilt technology are the soul of this design.

Starry night sleep techno beds

The Starry Night Sleep Technology Beds are available with latest technological tools including snore alleviating, movement monitoring and temperature moderating devices. Not only this, for music lovers, it introduces some special features of iPod, subwoofers and other sound systems. It is enriched with outstanding specs as wireless remote, internet facility, projector and RAM.

Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system

Such beds are augmented with high-tech options like HDTV integrated to its footboard and TV sites to headboard. This is available with stunning features of eye-strain reducing system, DVD/CD changer and theater system. This luxury system mounts with subwoofer beneath the bed. Comfy reclining and other beautifully engineered features make it gorgeous-wise design.

Gravity Zero Groove bed

Hollandia International provides you unusual luxury sleep systems. It includes massage or rub body system and harmonious 150 watt sound system. It relaxes you and never let you feel exhausted. The line and hip style, adjustability through joints and sliding systems make it extraordinarily comfy and blissful sleep provider.

Ultimate TV and Indestructible Bed

Ultimate super-high-tech TV beds have superb features including flat-screen TV and inherent electronic leveling system. It is enriched with various headboard and footboard inherent features and finishes. Such gorgeous TV bed designs have Viscoelastic memory foam that makes it more lavish.

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