HiddenRadio & Bluetooth Speaker: An AM/FM radio and wireless speaker

Hidden Radio Bluetooth Speaker

The HiddenRadio & Bluetooth Speaker is a simple and intuitive product that can be used as an external speaker with your handsets and tablets. It is a Bluetooth-based contraption so that you can connect it with any Bluetooth enabled devices. The HiddenRadio, as its name suggests, further features a built-in AM/FM radio. The design is based off minimal, solid, enduring and intuitive build from John Van Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria, two designers respectively from San Francisco and Milan.

The HiddenRadio sports no knobs. You just have to twist and raise the cap to amplify the voice up to 80 decibels. An opposite action will lower the voice. Being a Bluetooth device, you can place the HiddenRadio anywhere you want. Amazingly, you can connect multiple HiddenRadio units with a single smartphone or tablet. It means you can put the speakers in various spots of your living room both to emit crystal clear voice and add into the décor.

The HiddenRadio mounts rechargeable batteries, which can provide a whopping 30 plus hours of streaming music. Well, you can enjoy a whole weekend with a single recharge. You have nothing to worry if you don’t have any Bluetooth enabled devices at home. The HiddenRadio also features a 3.5mm audio input that you can use to plug in with a music source using a cable.

Designers of the project have spent 4 years and $50K of their own money to build the initial models of the Bluetooth enabled speakers. They have now presented the project in Kickstarter looking for financial support from well-wishers to bring out the product into stores. They have plans to sell out one unit of the HiddenRadio for $199 with metallic sliver body, two units for $299 (a metallic silver and a graphite black) and four units for $448.

Via: Kickstarter/Designboom

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