Höganäs unveils flexible, affordable and green e-bike motor

hoganas e bike motor

Höganäs, a Swedish company, has unveiled its latest electric motor, which has specially developed to suit electric bicycles, scooters and other lightweight vehicles. Exhibited at the World Expo in Shanghai, China, the motor is made using metal powder, which enables a unique combination of low cost, low weight and high performance. The world’s leading producer of iron and non-ferrous metal powders brought the “metal powder technology” into use to offer a flexible, affordable and green way of commuting. Lighter than any other electric motors on the market, this new motor provides an e-bike with a good range of up to 75 kilometers. The e-bike motor does its bit for the environment, as it is based on metal powder manufactured from metal scrap and is capable of being recycled easily.

Via: Gizmag

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