H.G. Giger inspired Alien Guitar makes extraterrestrials rock out like never before

Even though most of us grew up falling in love with E.T. the friendly extra terrestrial from the ‘80s super hit movie for kids, as adults most of us found ourselves being captivated by the gross and terrifying looking creatures from Ridley Scott films that were done by award winning Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. If you happen to enjoy the visual impact of the creatures from these flicks and you also happen to love guitars, then this handmade guitar with an alien carved right across its face.

Carved Alien Guitar

Designer, guitar maker and alien lover Gig Goldstein drew inspiration from the slimy creatures thought up by Giger to fashion the alien on the face of this custom guitar. We’re not sure how conducive the embossed carving is to active guitar play, but it sure does one bang up job of putting the love of god in anyone who dares to come too close to the owner of this piece.

The carving looks to tell eh tale of the life of the alien through the innovative canvas which is a rather novel approach in the world of guitar making. Goldstein himself hasn’t been a professional carver for long and only began experimenting with chainsaw carvings around 12 years ago. The Alien Guitar itself took more than 50 hours to complete though the one of a kind customized guitar is now one of his most popular works.

Via: Walyou

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