Hexound wireless outdoor headphones also combine the feature of speakers

hexound headphones

Hexound is a multifunctional outdoor headphone ready to beat the mobility of earphones with its wireless concept. Designed by Zhong-Fa Lie, Hexound will surely swipe of the floor under your feet by combining the features of speakers too. Thanks to their solar energy panels, that covers the surface of the band allowing you to use it for hours without recharging it. It comprises of three removable units, which when connected accomplish their roles as speakers and a foldable portable solar energy collection device. The solar panels effectively collect the energy owing to the high frequency of outdoor exposure. The speaker mode gets into action just with the press of a button, as the both units get separated from the band and the capacity of case which act as speaker enclosure increases.

hexound headphones1
hexound headphones2
hexound headphones3

[Cheers Zhong-Fa Lie]

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