Evolutionary furniture will tag along wherever you go

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No exaggeration to the fact that Darwin’s ‘theory of evolution’ had entirely changed the evolutionary perception of human beings long back. However, the theory was so appropriate that people didn’t refrain from applying it in their day-to-day life. Taking a cue from Darwin’s revolutionary theories and slated to be exhibited at the Dutch Design Week 08, NOCC has come up with ‘Help Me Darwin’, which is a furniture set that you may effortlessly carry with you wherever you go. Moreover, you may yourself arrange the innovative but simple unit within no time. The portable furniture unit, including a bed/folding screen, 2 stools and a table, smartly wraps in a side bag that unfolds into the bed’s mattress.

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Design Status:

Help Me Darwin, is a concept furniture unit to be exhibited at Designhuis for ‘European Talent’ during the Dutch Design Week that will continue from October 18 to November 30th.
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The innovative furniture kit can be helpful in emergencies and rehabilitation camps, where rescue teams just have handful of time for rescue and rehabilitation of victims. Not a bad option for good times, a picnic or trekking, either.
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Via: Designboom


NOCC is a combined design venture of Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean-Christophe Orthlieb.

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