Hello Stranger Bench helps you socialize without sacrificing your personal space

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You know you have a sad life when you have to depend on a public bench to meet new people and make more friends. Anyway, for those who are too introverted to approach people and initiate normal human contact in a way other than when you are sitting in close proximity to someone in a social setting, then this Hello Stranger Bench is just what you need to write to your town’s mayor about. The clever design is constructed out of a sturdy stainless steel frame with a seat insert that can be made in metal, hardwoods and plastics (after all, we don’t really want to have a stranger getting too comfortable in a seat next to us in a lonely stretch of the park or dark corner in a hotel lobby!), and when used in multiples, the bench can be used to make a designer statement in the otherwise mundane public seating segment.

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Source: City Squared

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