DSSH Bridge

This flexible and tensile Helix-shaped bridge caught the attention of many people after its recent win at the Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge International Challenge. Created by Sanzpont, the bridge is aptly named DSSH (for Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix) because of being self-sustainable, dynamic and impressive. The bridge also features the use of LED RGB technology.

In addition, this unique DSSH bridge includes photovoltaic solar panels that generate clean electricity to fulfill its energy needs. Moreover, the transparent exterior catches abundant natural light at daytime and the inclusion of green plants helps in circulating fresh oxygen.

The tensile nature of bridge makes it dynamic as per the usage. The structure applies more tension at different touch points when people cross the bridge undergoing technological deformation. The LED-enabled glowing structure is a visual treat at night and the low-power consumption technology changes colors and enhances the fluid and organic forms.

Via: eVolo

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