Helios Grill goes solar for that juicy chomp

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Conventional coal-based barbequing and grilling won’t simply do, no matter how scrumptious the results are! Helios Grill makes outdoor grilling environment friendly by incorporating methodology of solar cookers. Helios Grill has a reflective parabolic dish that directs all the free energy towards a solar receptor, which in turn converts it into a more usable form. Then this energy travels to the grilling platform and does its thing. And as soon as you open it, the dish is reflected away from your face for safety considerations. Designed by Sean McGreevy, the grill stands tall to lower carbon footprint. Helios Grill makes a smart statement, both in terms of features and sci-fi inspired design. And for the just-in-case eventualities, it does have a retractable plug in the base for alternative energy. The real fun of grilling lies outdoors and that’s exactly where Helios Grill will lead you to.

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Via: Tuvie

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