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Helicarrier Blu-Ray Case can hold your entire Avengers movie collection

The Avengers was undoubtedly one of the most refreshing superhero loaded movie to have hit the theaters in a long time even though most of the movie was pretty predictable drawing sighs and applause only for the antics of the Hulk. However, the instant classic went down as an instant must have superhero movie as well and we weren’t at all surprised that someone used the form of the Helicarrier (SHIELD’s flying base that hosts the Avengers as they are brought up to speed with the impending doom that awaits humankind in the movie) to create a Blu-Ray disc holder case.

30-disc Avengers Helicarrier case

With space for as many as 30 discs, the Avengers’ Helicarrier inspired Blu Ray Disc Case is a very rough copy of the carrier depicted in the movie and its creator intends to refine it much further with additional detailing making it a much more authentic collectible. By increasing the space in the carrier’s main hull, the disc holder’s capacity could be increased to 50 discs which would be more than enough to store your original copies of all your favorite /Marvel comic-based movies.

The Helicarrier would also boast of features like removable wings that would serve as individual cases with the case standing in at 12″ tall and 26″ long and possessing a 16″ wingspan.

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