The Passive Home: Heated solar home minus the solar panels

the passive home 1The Passive Home is an active hope for people facing the continental weather’s hot days and cold nights. This innovative Passive House concept takes inspiration from the ancient American Indians’ thermal walls. Architects from Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture have created this passive home which uses ancient technology, but remains modern enough to stay relevant in today’s ultra fashion conscious world. The Passive Home has very thick and massive walls whose design enables the home to absorb heat from the sun during the day and keep the home warm during the biting cold night.

And how does the sweltering heat stay inside the house without making you break into a massive sweat? Strategically placed windows and an additional roof makes sure that the heat doesn’t stay in the lower reaches of less than ten feet where you usually hang around. This ensures your home stays cool in the hot daytime. At nightfall though, the ambient cool temperature forces the home to radiate the absorbed heat keeping you very warm and snug. That is not all, the architects have devised ways to store heat by strategically placing your furniture at different places. Now, that is some innovation. And to top it all off, there are four different types of prefabricated models of these houses available for you to buy here.
the passive home 3
the passive home 2

Source: Tropolism

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