Five heat changing mugs to control the temperature of your drink

Heat changing mugs

What could be a way to get the day moving, than with a cup of hot coffee, changing into magical color shades! Mugs that alter color with heat are making news in the market, with major corporate also in the run, releasing mugs with their logo and name printed on it that takes wonderful hues with changing temperature. Such mugs also are indicators of the temperature of the content that it holds. Scientifically speaking, this is the property of thermochromism, one among the many ‘chromisms’ that we come across in physics. It is the ability of substances to change color due to temperature variations. Basically there are 2 basic types of materials – liquid crystals and leuco dyes. The heat changing mugs are coated with lueco dyes, to produce the color effect. Given below are five types of heat changing mugs:

1. Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug


Unwind amidst your hectic schedule with Pac Man. This mug comes with the Pac-Man jumble plastered on one side. These mugs are a hit in the market because of its looks and also the color effect added by the Pac-Man picture. Want to see the magic? Take a Pac Man Mug; fill it with your hot beverage. And lo! Pac Man and his army glows in ghostly shades. Whether to savor your drink or to go around with Pac Man is anybody’s wish. Kids will definitely find a good past time with this mug and will no doubt demand more and more of the drink, just to explore the world of Pac Man.

2. Dexter Heat Changing Mug


Coffee with Dexter sounds interesting. But this comes with a difference. True to the ‘nerve-chilling’ experience, the cup has a splatter of blood when it is chill and as you fill it with hot liquid, the red blood color gives way to milder shade showing Dexter. What a way to reveal Dexter. The idea itself makes this a sure grab. The murderous blood color is very attractive when in the stands that you cannot go past it in the stands. The magical hues created due to temperature changes have been wisely exploited to create an attractive product. A must-have in your crockery shelf.

3. Tea-Qualiser Heat Changing Mug


Graphic equalizers blended with tea and that is what this Tea-Qualiser has to offer. At home or at office, this cup is sure to be a smart addition to your shelf of favorite picks. As and when you fill the mug with hot liquids, be it your favorite chocolate drink or coffee, the equalizer graphic responds to the color change. What a magical way to have fun! Watch the equalizer shimmer as you gulp down the 300 ml of your favorite drink. Now what did you relish the most, your drink or the mug? Feel like filling it for another load of fun? The colorful graphics set against the stark black backdrop makes it all the more brilliant.

4. Heat Changing Love Mug

Love Mug

The name and the picture of the mug tells it all. It is for those who exchange their precious moments across a coffee table. The mug is quite attractive in white, spotted with love symbols in hazy red. When you fill this with a hot drink, the temperature sensitive coating becomes transparent to reveal the red colored tiny hearts saying I love you. Doesn’t that make a perfect Valentine Day’s gift? From the mouth to the tip, the cup speaks the language of love. The cup has been no doubt created with the lovers in mind and wow what a wonderful idea. With your valentine alongside, reveal your love by slowly filling up the magical cup with her favorite hot chocolate. Now watch her eyes widen with wonder as the cup speaks out to your heart and say, ‘I love you’.

5. Heat Changing Tardis Mug

Tardis Mug

This mug is indeed for the fun-loving group. The time traveler and his adventures are best depicted on the mug. No doubt that this will make a good gift for children on their birthday. On one side of the mug is Tardis as seen in the streets of London. As you pour hot liquid into it guess what happens. Tardis disappears all of a sudden? Where you think did Dr.Who deliver him? Turn the cup to see Tardis reappear in a landscape designed like space. An adventurous story alongside your favorite drink is what we relish the most. This cup is packed with sheer entertainment.

Heat changing mugs were earlier used to detect the temperature of the liquid inside. The temperature sensitive indicator pasted on the cup said ‘very hot’ when we pour piping hot drinks. The concept thought not new, is always an attraction among the shoppers. But take care not to dish wash or micro wave these mugs. The concept of thermochromism has been brilliantly put to use to arrive at an end product that has more fun to offer than a cup of your favorite drink.

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