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See your heart beat and feel alive all over again

We are alive till the time our heart keeps beating. Want to see your heartbeat through blinking lights then Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is the place where you should be heading. Steven Almond has come up with Anyone Who has a Heart, which has been commissioned for the hospital and will be an interactive tool that will attract a lot of crowd for sure.

Anyone Who Has a Heart

The design comprises of digital lights and medical monitoring equipment that has a simple and sleek facade. The staggering piece of interactive art changes as people intermingle with it. When not being used by anyone it shimmers with a blue colored light, which is a default setting. This indicates the normal heart rate of a healthy human being, which will be indicated by a rhythmic and gentle pulsating beat through the lights of course. It will undertake various activities when in default mode. The lights will be of a serene nature that will blink in a mild fading way, which can also be used during meditation practices or tai-chi activities when the weather is pleasant.

The amazing sculpture features two stainless steel hand grips, which when held by anyone help in monitoring the heart rate. These hand grips comes embedded with electrodes that makes good use of small electric signals that pass through the surface of skin whenever the heart contracts. The lights will start flashing red, when the heart rate is monitored. Who has a Heart can be used to monitor the heart rate after various activities, like before and after coffee consumption or before and after working. Compare your heart rate with others and maintain a good health with the sculpture. It will also act as a clock as the bands of tri-chi LEDs represent one second, one minute, one hour and twelve hours, which will be easy to read.

Via: Andrews Mall

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